Antoine at work, 2017


Antoine has always worked with his hands. Born in Italy as the son of a blacksmith, Antoine worked alongside his father, hand-forging iron gates, tools, and horseshoes. In 1959, he immigrated to North America at the age of fifteen he quickly found a vocation that required just one tool—cutting hair.

Antoine opened his first beauty salon, Bottega Antoine, in Honolulu the 1978, and has since been celebrated by loyal clients from around the world for his ability to craft hairstyles which are innovative and sophisticated, while remaining versatile and easy (maybe “appear effortless” rather than “easy”)

After opening Bottega Antoine, he launched his eponymous line of shampoos and conditioners in 1986. The salon celebrates forty years at the same location in July, 2018.

Antoine’s essence is invention, and continues to build and craft. His many talents include designing and building furniture, fixing classic European cars, painting a variety of subjects, and—of course—working with metals.

Each piece of jewelry sold on this website is unique and hand-forged by Antoine from a small bench in the back of his beauty salon in Honolulu.

To book an appointment at his salon, visit the link here