Antoine: The Film

Antoine the film was made by Tête-à-Tête, a Los Angeles based creative studio founded by filmmaker Austin Lynch and artist Case Simmons and To the Planetarium, an image production house based in Los Angeles that was founded by Jeffrey Stuker and Nicolas G. Miller. Through the latest technologies of representation, To the Planetarium seeks new forms to challenge the logic that currently regulates our bodies and our work. The film was shot on location in Hawaii.

In the words of Tête-a-Tête and To the Planetarium, "Working on the film with Antoine in Hawaii was truly inspiring. We marveled at his work ethic and the careful eye that he gives to the people and things around him. Bottega Antoine seems capable of almost any form of production, from hair styling to carpentry to jewelry-making. It was a pleasure to make a film in the presence of Antoine, Ces, Yves, and their customers with whom they share lasting bonds. At one point Yves began taking reservations at the front desk. It was then that we saw the charm and aplomb that Antoine and Ces have transferred to their son, and, in turn, which Yves has carried in to the exacting elegance that stamps itself in Spinelli Kilcollin. The continuance of techniques and attitudes between generations is the kernel of our film. We hope to put the viewer in a state of suspended remembrance wherein fragments of the past glint and glimmer in the present."